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Weekend Bundle

Weekend Bundle

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Everything you need to make your weekends awesome! In this bundle you will receive:

(1) 700lb firewood pallet, (1) kindling box and (10) fire starters. 

-5' tall x 32" x 32" pallet full of kiln-dried firewood. Finally, some firewood that is consistent throughout, with every single piece having the same moisture content!

-16x10x10 cardboard box full of an assortment of various sizes of our kiln-dried kindling.

-10 fire starter sticks. Use one with each fire you have to get things started!

PALLET SIZE: 1/5 cord, 30"x32"x59", approx. 220 pieces, "truckload" amount of wood.

The best part of all of this?! We are changing the way firewood deliveries are done with our palletized firewood drop-offs. Just let us know exactly where you want your pallet dropped and come home to the perfect stack of firewood at your door!

*Please note, we deliver using a large box truck and pallet jack. We cannot maneuver over grass, gravel or up steps, but have other options to make your delivery feasible if this is you!

CLICK HERE to schedule an order for warehouse pick-up.

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