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Pecan Wood - 700lb Firewood Pallet

Pecan Wood - 700lb Firewood Pallet

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Pecan Wood. Great for cooking, or an aromatic fireside experience. Please note this wood is not kiln-dried, but slightly seasoned.

PALLET SIZE: 1/5 cord, 30"x32"x59", approx. 220 pieces, "truckload" amount of wood.

Available for delivery in whole pallet quantity.

*Please note, we deliver using a large box truck and pallet jack. We cannot maneuver over grass, gravel or up steps, but have other options to make your delivery feasible if this is you!

Pick-up Pricing:

1 pallet: $265
3/4 pallet: $204
1/2 pallet: $143
1/4 pallet: $81
Box of Chunks: $15

CLICK HERE to schedule an order for warehouse pick-up.

(NOTE: Pallet delivered and wood type will be different than what is shown on the pallet pictured. The pallet in photo is for general pallet size reference.)

Driveway at Residence (Info for Delivery)
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